Friday, June 22, 2012

And April and May and Half of June...

I still haven't figured out how to post pics to the blog from the iPad, that's my excuse. I think blog posts are lacking without pics and so I haven't posted, but I'm posting now. I hope the last few months have been good to everyone! We've been busy here... Andrew is officially 1 1/2 and has been for over a month. He is a handful, always full of mischief. But he's also full of love: quick to smile and laugh and loves giving hugs. He's very curious about everything and loves to get into and onto things he's not supposed to. He's not talking yet, but he has had his first word: nana, for banana. He has all his teeth and loves cheese. He is becoming a picky eater, but we're working around that. He's also very excited to become a big brother. You read correctly. We are expecting our third little boy at the end of September. I officially started my third trimester today and the nausea is finally gone. I'm tired, but who wouldn't be chasing after two little boys while carrying a third?! The little guy is very active and doing well. I'll have another ultrasound in about 4 weeks to ensure everything continues to be a-ok. We've been to several festivals lately and taken a few weekend trips, including trips to New Orleans and Galveston, Texas. We've discovered that the boys love the beach, so we're planning a trip to Destin once we're a family of five. My parents and Dave's parents were both able to make it for a visit in's always nice to see family. We're going to make a trip up North in July. We have a wedding in Chicago on the 21st so we're surrounding that with a Midwest trip. James is doing well also. He is getting good at the walking thing and has less falls every week. He likes to try to run, without much success yet, and has recently learned how to spin. He loves letters and words and has begun reading words and even spelling...he's a very smart little boy. He will be turning three in August and since he's still not talking we're working on getting him some extra speech therapy; the therapist will also help him work on his chewing. So that catches you up with us. I hope everyone is enjoying their summers so far!

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