Thursday, April 18, 2013

Extra Spring Time

This family is on the move again.  Dave has been transferred from Louisiana to Barberton, Ohio.  He is very excited about his new position and the new challenges he's facing.  We are currently house hunting in the suburbs west of Akron, living in a small apartment until we find the perfect house.  Since we have wi-fi in our new little apartment, I might even get posts up more often :)

Luke at 5 Months (2/17)

His brothers like to photo bomb so we took a few of all 3 of them.

Luke's first big boy bath with his brothers.  He loved it!

Cousins on the Isenburg side.
Tallest to shortest: Caitlin, Madison (holding Luke), Olivia, Annie, Cole, Ayla, Bennett (I think he might be taller than Ayla), Amelia, James, Andrew, & Jillian.

Brothers photo-bombing Luke's 7 month photos :)

They will do about anything to get their picture taken, even hug each other!

Friday, February 15, 2013


January - The boys are growing and starting to get playful with Daddy.

February - Mardi Gras...a must do while living in Louisiana!
March - Moving time (switched apartments)
April - The boys start to play and interact more together.
May - Happy Easter!
June - A trip to Galveston, TX
July - A trip to the Midwest to visit family
August - James turns 3!
September - Our family is growing...

Luke David born 9/17/2012

October - Andrew Turns 2
Happy Halloween! Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!
November - Andrew crashing a 2 month photo session for Luke
Merry Christmas!
December - A trip to Fort Worth/Dallas...this is at the
Cattlepen Maze at the FW Stockyards.