Thursday, January 12, 2012

Andrew is 15 Months Old!

Andrew hit the 15 month mark earlier this month. He amazes me everyday with how quickly he's learning. He also tests my patience everyday with his super sneakiness...I have a feeling he's going to be a toddler who becomes good friends with the time out chair :) At 15 months Andrew is:

  • 24 pounds; 30 inches tall

  • Walking since about 13 months

  • Yesterday he discovered he could spin in circles...hilarious!

  • Loves to climb, but is still quite clumsy so he always has a scrape or bruise on his head

  • Has 12 teeth and counting

  • Loves to read, play with his kitty and big brother, do puzzles, and get into anything he knows he's not supposed to (maybe I should try reverse psychology with this one!)

  • Laughs and smiles as he runs into your open arms for a hug (Dave and I agree that his is our favorite thing about his personality!)

  • Is a picky eater, but will eat non-stop of the things he likes

  • Babbles constantly and says something that resembles "kitty"

  • Hates getting his diaper changed and sleeping in his crib (he sleeps in the guest bed)

  • Loves hamming it up for the camera!

Andrew Loves his kitty!

He is very mischievous.

He gets offended when his kitty swats at him.

Andrew loves to read. His favorite right now is probably "The Eye Book" by Dr. Suess.

Andrew is not a big TV person, but he loves pushing buttons and messing up the TV settings (which drives his brother crazy!).

He has started dancing recently.

And he loves playing in his laundry basket.

However, he gets stuck when he bends over like this and hollers until someone comes to help him out :)

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